Monday, June 7, 2010

LA Times Ministry of Gossip Spills some Commentary Quotes

In a little more than two weeks from now, some of us will be watching our own DVD or Blu-ray version of Remember Me. In addition to being able to see the film whenever we want, we are also looking forward to the two commentaries that will be included as extras on the DVD. One commentary will be by director Allen Coulter and will sure to be filled with many interesting comments about what went into filming Remember Me and the significance of many aspects of the film that have been noted.

The second commentary includes thoughts by Rob, Emilie and Pierce. The LA Times' Ministry of Gossip revealed some of Rob's comments today, and they are priceless!

Exclusive: Robert Pattinson's pornographic poetry (and other gems from the 'Remember Me' DVD)
by Matt Donnelly

While Robert Pattinson spends his June promoting "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," Summit Entertainment is working its cross-pollination magic by pushing "Remember Me" out on DVD.

Due June 22, the romantic drama starring Pattinson and "Lost" blond Emilie de Ravin touts a major bonus feature -- a cast commentary track in which the heartthrob drops serious pearls about his filming experience.

Taking the lead for our favorite factoid: Pattinson's dirty journaling. Playing the broody Tyler, the actor spent most of the film scrawling mysteriously in a leather-bound notebook. "On set I kept on going up to Rob and saying, 'You've got to write in your journal, mate,'" producer Nick Osbourne said.

Said Pattinson: "I remember writing all these kind of pornographic poems, whenever there was a close-up on it. Horrible, horrible things in bold capital letters."

We can only hope a man from Nantucket was involved.

Other amazing insights into Rob's soul include ...

To read the rest of Rob's quotes, please click here:
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WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Oh no! Tyler's diary is such a beautiful symbol in the film. I hope it's not true and that it's just one of Rob's crazy jokes... ah well. Maybe it's just the journalists twisting words again.

jessegirl said...

Hah, Rob must have esp or something. He must have known I just wrote a lofty article about Tyler's Journal on our sister site:
What a stinker!
Sure do shoot down a girl's deep thoughts,Rob! And just when the creator of that blog drew you a pretty picture to go with my words.
I guess I'll never know what 'sweet nothings' you really wrote there, Rob, you tease. I still want that damn thing, pornography and all, just because.

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