Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Remember Me Reviews

Back when Remember Me was released in the theaters, I had asked the readers of this site to send me their reviews. In anticipation of the DVD release just 11 short days away, the reviews will be posted here, one a day. So enjoy reading the opinions of other film goers about Remember Me!

Remember Me is a stunning emotional roller-coaster that will reduce you to tears and leave you in awe of the astonishing characters. Set in – what seems to be – modern day New York, the film successfully renders the dangers of the streets as well as the everyday hardships of life which we can all relate to. Ending with a surprise bang that nobody could possibly anticipate, audiences will not only be tearing up, but also left with their jaws dropped in amazement and surprise. Remember Me is a poignant story which is complimented by amazing actors and actresses. It has an amazing storyline and a great moral out-reach; live in the moments – [because tomorrow may never come].
I think this movie deserves 4 stars.


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